My Best FriendΒ 

I don’t throw such words around carelessly.  I’ve had many friends and many people that I thought were friends until their true colors shone through.  It really isn’t until adversity gazes upon you that you know who can rightly be referred to as such. For all the genuine allies I have I’m positively floored by how many pretenders and outright fakes have passed through my life. 

The first time I was hospitalized for mental illness was not the first time I had lost people who I thought were friends.  I had just never been abandoned by so many at one time.  My real friends talked to me on the phone, visited me in the hospital and helped me find a job when I got out. A lot of people cast me aside like a piece of trash and I’m forever grateful for the people in my life who stood by me in those dark times. 

My Best friend has been on my side for about ten years. Her name is Roxy and she’s a Cat. She used to be my older Sister’s kitty. When my Sister got a teaching job at FSU one of the conditions of her faculty housing arrangement was no pets allowed. She had to find a new home for Roxy who was about two at the time.

I was about one year out of the Psych hospital after a severe nervous breakdown.  I was getting back on my feet and had just moved out of my Mom’s house into a place of my own. Truth be told I was still in pretty bad shape with depression,  albeit functionally so. 

My Sister knew exactly what She was doing for me when she asked me to take her in. It’s still unclear to me who really did a favor for who. I was living alone and pretty much just going to work and being sad and mopey. 

It had an immediately positive effect on my life. Suddenly not only was I not alone,  but someone depended on me. I had something to occupy my time besides being miserable.  Roxy is a very intuitive Cat. She grew up feral on the streets of Baltimore and still has a bit of a wild streak. That said, she always knows when I’m upset or not feeling right. She can be a total bitch sometimes,  and even occasionally hostile for the sake of trolling. In spite of this, she’s my favorite person in the whole damn world.  

She has me pretty well trained at this point.  She can be downright bossy and flat-out weird.  This, I presume is a Cat thing. Every place she has lived with other animals she becomes the Alpha female.  Where I live now there’s another Cat and a Dog. She pretty much rules the roost, like always.  

For all of this cranky bitchy hostility,  she is an unbelievably sweet Cat. Such a talker too. The most vocally active Cat I’ve ever known. I think it’s actually been really good getting her into my Boyfriend’s house with the younger Cat Marci and the Dog Browski.  They keep her entertained and occupied. She is about eleven years old now and I feel it’s important for her to stay active. 

Every day I come home from work she excitedly greets me. She and the other animals are such a joy to come home to.  They keep my spirit light and free. Everyone should know this kind of joy. 

As I  post this She and Shannon’s Dog are chilling on the couch with me like always.  It’s been a wonderful ten years with my Best Friend and I look forward to many more.  Love you Kitty O’Puss, my sweet dignified young Lady.

Special Thanks to my Big Sister Meg. You’re the best.  This freaking Cat saved my life many times over πŸ™‚