Moving on!

Half my stuff is already in Clearwater. I’ve got clothes, books and a couple shelves to go. My Buddy Justin is snagging me a few boxes from his work tomorrow. Obviously the Kitty and related stuff comes last.  I’m really freaking excited and optimistic feeling.

I hope our Cats get along. That’s my primary concern aside from getting a bus pass. That, and spending every day possible swimming and being passionate about life. He’s letting me reorganize the kitchen as I see fit. Ah!  This is gonna be fun.  I’m so thrilled to be getting out of my Mom’s house.

That’s about all for now. Going forth and conquering and all that 🙂

Moving on

Today I begin the process of changing my life. I’ll start with laying off the coffee and trying to chill out a bit. It’ll be a small but important victory. The future is highly uncertain for me, thus i need a level head.

Transition phases can be quite tricky, so be prepared i must. I’ve been aware for some time that I need a change. All insecurities about my job aside, I’m getting to the point of being overwhelmed by fatigue.

I don’t like talking about my problems because I’m constantly worried about being given shit by all the people who can actually manage their lives. I’m a disaster but it looks like I’m doing alright. Keeps me from being asked too many awkward questions.

That said, nothing is terrible. I just feel like I’ve painted myself into a corner or something. I love my boyfriend and I’m looking forward to living with him. I think the first step is looking around my new home and seeing what jobs are available.

Best foot forward and all.


Things have been pretty super chill lately. I’ve been spending time with my Man, going to work six days a week and doing quite well by all measurements. I used my Employee of the Month bonus check to buy a black utility kilt which I absolutely adore. Getting ready to get back into my Stagehand gig and thoroughly excited about it.

I’m going to be moving in with my boyfriend soon. I’m over there so much with my mom’s car anyway that I’d like to stop burning her fuel budget. It’s kind of win win because I’ll be paying less than I am now and I’ll be out of my mother’s hair. I’ll be closer to my theatre too, which is a major plus.

I’m really excited about it. I’m going to start moving around August. When he gets back from his trip to Alaska, that is.
Aside from that, not a lot is going on. Just plugging away with the at times quite absurd game of life 🙂