Early evening scribblings

I’m closing a day that has been equal parts simplicity and joy. I made decent money today, I was in a great mood and things went well in general. I was unsure of what time I was to start today so I got there early. Early enough to enjoy a lovely breakfast sandwich Shannon brought home with him. After devouring said sammich it was time to start.

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of my work day. I will however give whoever may be reading the rundown of late:

Working a lot, but haven’t made a ton of money lately. Got stuck with the wussy section and while it’s been a remarkably chill few weeks, I finally got bored and decided to say something. From here on out I’ll be largely the downstairs guy. My few weeks upstairs was fun but I barely made any scratch doing it.

What else? The RA is currently being handled fairly well by the meds (Methotrexate and Humira with occasional Prednisone). Although I did have a bit of a mishap this week with my Humira shot. Seems that I hit a wee blood vessel and gave myself an ugly bruise. It’s fine, just happens every so often I guess. I’m seeing my Rheumatologist Friday and am happy it’s going well aside from being late on getting my labs done. Soon.

Mentally I’m alright. Missed a Psych appointment and ran out of refills but got on the phone and got it all sorted out. I’m actually pretty happy right now. I’ve cut way back on my Wellbutrin which is good because it was kind of revving up my heart a bit. I see that doctor next Tuesday. 

Aside from that, I don’t really have a lot to report. I’m trying to make time for friends but it’s hard with everyone on different schedules. Still, I firmly believe that if it’s important you make the time. I do my best to, though it doesn’t always pan out. 

In the meantime I’m relaxing with a Kona Lager and ‘The Circle and the Blue Door’ by Purson. Magnificent album. Full of Psychedelic Pizzazz. 

Oh, and I won a shirt in an eBay auction. Aleister Crowley with the words Beast Mode. I LOLD.

Enjoy yourself, whoever you may be.


2 thoughts on “Early evening scribblings

  1. Hey Thom, glad to hear things are going well for you. I’ve been caught up in life as of late. My son got married and I had a mishap with food poisoning that had me pass out and really screw up my neck. Spending time with the chiropractor is helping. Love to you and Shannon.


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