Le ouch

One more day of my work week remains in my way. It’s actually fortunate that it’s been kind of a slow week because I’ve been hurting pretty good lately. I gave myself a round of Humira last night but haven’t started feeling it yet. Tapering down on prednisone starting tomorrow,  I hope. It all depends on how I feel tomorrow morning.

  I like my job and want the place to make money but I’m so grateful I didn’t have to wrestle with any kegs today. I’m a reasonably strong and fit person,  which can be sort of a problem.  I tend to get so into doing stuff and adrenaline that I forget that I have an autoimmune disease and need to pace myself a bit.  Like with stocking the bar at work, I’ve started taking more trips with lighter loads. I’ve always been about maximum efficiency but I’m just trying to think about the long haul as opposed to the moment.  If you don’t give yourself a break no one else will. 

I’m at home now, having just finished the third of a four morning stretch on the beach. My feet are sore, my metacarpals are throbbing but I’m on the couch and my mood is pleasant. My Darling is making dinner and I’m enjoying muh blogging.

I’m trying to be patient with the Humira.  I’m sure my levels dropped somewhat  from missing a round ten days ago. I seem to remember starting to notice an effect within the first week and definitely after the second injection. 

The cool thing about this next week is that I’ll have my Mom’s car while she’s visiting my Sister. Looking forward to a date night with my dearest. I have a few more patches in the mail for the jacket project and I hope to get moving on it soon. At least as quickly as my hands will allow.  Sewing doesn’t generally give me much pain as long as I don’t overdo it. I’m just ecstatic that I have a project ๐Ÿ™‚

So yeah,  I’m pretty sore but in a fairly excellent mood. That’ll do.  Small victories and all.


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