Moar Rheumatologically Speaking 

I’m fresh from my latest appointment with some cautious optimism.  My Doctor basically confirmed what I already knew,  that I was getting some swelling and inflammation since Humira was stopped.  He seems pretty confident that he can get it pushed through now. We shall see I guess.

He told me not to bother with the Plaquenil,  said it was the insurance company’s call, not his. He actually said ‘I didn’t prescribe it because I was sure that it wouldn’t work. ‘. Well then. He said if I’m still hurting when I see him again he’ll switch the Arava with something else but he wants to give it a bit more time to work before he writes it off. 

In the meantime,  he told me that I can do short bursts of prednisone as needed.  He just told me to avoid taking it regularly. Still useful to have in a bad flare.  

So let’s recap: Plaquenil is not needed,  Arava has a bit more time to prove itself and the well established Humira should be restored within a week if all goes well.  

I’m not trying to be a complainy-pants. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m finally being treated,  even if there is quite a bit of trial and error.  Still taking ibuprofen when I start throbbing, but trying to keep the dose low. 

Morning stiffness has been a bigger issue since the Humira got cut off as well.  I’m really hoping that it gets processed this time because I was feeling freaking awesome there for a bit and would like to re-capture it.

I’m going to sign off now, but I do so with an air of optimism and hope. 

Fare thee well-


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