Going Dark

I’ve decided that I need to for an extended period of time.  At least in the context of social media. Lately I’ve been really depressed and going on Facebook seems to amplify it terribly. I’m thinking lately that I need to simplify my life a bit.  I’ve determined that this rapid fire data stream of weird Internet crap is fundamentally unhealthy.  It literally assaults the senses. More than anything else I wish to break away and have my own existence full of the things that I want to occupy myself with.  

 Honestly,  Facebook just runs me through the wringer emotionally. I’m tired of all the political garbage and the strange memes and I just want to get back to socializing the old-fashioned way. I want to reestablish some distance between me and the people I know and spend my spare time with my family and doing my little hobbies.

I realize that not everyone is as happy or awesome as they may present themselves online. I’m just sick of constantly being all up in people’s business.  I don’t need a steady play by play for hundreds of people at once. My grey matter yearns for a break. 

If anyone wishes to keep up, here’s my email :



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