That’s pretty much the story of the now for Thom. Trying to get a Prior Authorization pushed through before my next injection is due. I’m just hoping that my Rheumatologist has a way with words. Essentially the insurance company is sending him paperwork asking him to explain  why it has to be humira and not something else. I’m already on Leflunomide  (Arava) and my Doctor doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of the old school DMARD drugs. My big worry is that the Insurance is going to dictate that I have to try and fail with methotrexate first.  Humira and biologics in general are a bit scary with the potential side effects but I’m not really hot on the idea of using chemo drugs, regardless of dose level. 

That said,  things are going reasonably well. It’s kind of crunch time getting the next Humira Pens by my dose date but I have some help with navigating this process.  AbbVie  (company that makes Humira ) sent a Nurse Ambassador to my house today to walk me through getting insurance stuff pushed through and getting the Patient Assistance program rolling. I’m already confident that I have the subcutaneous injection thing down but she will be coming by again next week when this is hopefully sorted to make sure. I’ve never used a specialty pharmacy or anything before so having this lady around is pretty helpful. If the insurance people drag ass I may have to see about getting a sample pen for my dose next week.  

I just hope this doesn’t end up being fruitless. I’m not crazy about the idea of trying  a bunch of ancient meds before they let my Doctor freaking use what he wants. 

Insurance is a special kind of fuckery, eh?

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