Oddly enough 

Feeling better and worse. I’m not upset or anxious so that’s a plus,  but Shannon appears to have given me his cold so I’m a bit run down. It’s looking like it’s not a big deal but I’ll keep an eye on it given the fact of being on Arava. 

But yeah, I was in a rather bad state yesterday. I got sent home from work after two hours so didn’t make jack for money. I was borderline panic-stricken for a bit,  though I eventually chilled the hell out. As the day progressed it became apparent that I was developing congestion and chills so I tried to lay low most of the day there on. 

Joint pain is only a slight bother today, which is nice after my wrists swelling for a few days.  Everything I’ve been told says Arava takes a decent amount of time (month to six weeks) to build up a blood level and start working.  I’ve been on it just nine days so I don’t expect it’s doing much yet. 

Anyhow,  tomorrow is my big look for work day. I have a couple of places I’m pretty optimistic about and a decent enough plan on guess.  I’m just hoping to stay on top of this creeping fatigue I’ve had lately. I’m choking on Post-nasal drip but at least I’m in a good mood.  Small victories and all.

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