Joy flowing…

I am thrilled beyond words. He asked me to marry him! My response was ‘Of course!’. We had our anniversary dinner at home a week or two ago and he popped the question after I served us ribeyes with baked potatoes and salad. He had planned on taking us out somewhere but our lack of proper planning caused us to say ‘Let’s relax and do dinner at home!’. It was a good move, I think.

I love him so much. He brings out the proper balance of my energies. At least it feels like such to me. I don’t feel like we’re in any sort of competition, but are rather equal partners working as a team.  He’s really good to me and very understanding about my mental illness and the fact that I’m not always a portrait of stability. He builds me up and helps me believe in myself, something I’m not used to at all given my history.

The whole family knows now, and nothing bad happened. A few awkward moments, but I made it through the hard part, now I can just live gay and prosper or whatever.

Now the fun part, planning the wedding! We have agreed that it will be outdoors and decidedly Pagan 😉

More as it develops. I still can’t freaking believe it.


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