Handicapped and bummed out

Well,  the business with my arm finally came to a head. I had already put in two weeks notice at my job but 5 days is as far as I could push through the pain. I was really upset the day I quit I made it through one last really super busy day and I was like I’m sorry I can not continue. I really tried to do the right thing but the job just got to be way too much for me in my current state. The inflammation has gotten really intense and my right hand is for all intents and purposes useless.

I’m not doing anything until I see the rheumatologist Monday morning. Arthritis and tendonitis have already been diagnosed but I think there may be some nerve pinching or something else going on secondary to that. Only reason I can blog right now is that I have discovered the wonder of the voice recognition features of my phone.  I’ve been using ice, my brace and a decent amount of naproxen to try to control the swelling.

I’m not that bad off but I’m going a bit stir crazy. Signing off for now.


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