The next chapter…

I am moved in and enjoying myself. Just finished up yesterday and I’m feeling pretty good about things. Of course, I’ve felt moved in since my kilt and sword were placed in the closet. To each their subjective sense of measurement I suppose.

When we were standing in the kitchen after my final trip with my Cat and my bicycle he said “Welcome home, baby.”. It was a lovely little moment we shared.

Aside from moving things have been relatively chill but a tad frantic. I need to find a new job soon. I like my current job well enough but there’s a problem. Arthritis/Tendonitis in my knife forearm. My Doctor told me to keep using the brace and taking ibuprofen. He also advised me to find a new line of work. He said it’s definitely an occupational injury and treating it is pointless if I just keep aggravating the shit out of it every day.

I can’t argue. I just don’t know what to do. Being a prep cook is one of the few jobs I’ve ever been any good at. But I’m not a kid anymore. Le sigh.

I know some kind of schooling is in order. I just hope what I have to settle for in the meantime isn’t too terribly nauseating.

Whatever. This is the new chapter. A chapter not yet written and full of possibility. Ad astra per aspara.

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