Moving on

Today I begin the process of changing my life. I’ll start with laying off the coffee and trying to chill out a bit. It’ll be a small but important victory. The future is highly uncertain for me, thus i need a level head.

Transition phases can be quite tricky, so be prepared i must. I’ve been aware for some time that I need a change. All insecurities about my job aside, I’m getting to the point of being overwhelmed by fatigue.

I don’t like talking about my problems because I’m constantly worried about being given shit by all the people who can actually manage their lives. I’m a disaster but it looks like I’m doing alright. Keeps me from being asked too many awkward questions.

That said, nothing is terrible. I just feel like I’ve painted myself into a corner or something. I love my boyfriend and I’m looking forward to living with him. I think the first step is looking around my new home and seeing what jobs are available.

Best foot forward and all.

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