Pushing through

Lately I find myself happy but somewhat discontent. Things with my Man go quite well but I’m rather frustrated with my working life. Most of the places I’ve checked out don’t pay dick. I’m barely getting by now, so taking a pay cut just to get out of the kitchen is not an option. I don’t have zero education or skills. However, the most lucrative work I’ve ever done (HVAC) messed up my back and shoulders to the point that I can no longer stand up to that kind of work.  I try to cut myself some slack given the fact that I was on disability for nearly five years and barely worked.

It eats at me pretty frequently to be honest. I’m certainly not interested in being a kitchen rat forever. I’d like to get some kind of healthcare/technical certification eventually. It’s just kind of out of reach at present. I have no car, no savings and I owe social security eleven grand. Kay. I’m grateful to be alive and relatively functional, really. I’m just feeling a bit trapped combined with the fact that I’m just not making enough money.

Still, it could be worse. I keep telling myself this.

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